About our school.

I have a small English School for students from 11 to 20 years old. It is four times a week after school in the afternoons. I have 6 classes with 5 levels. Each class has about 20 students. I have lived in Mexico for over 45 years, and been teaching here for over 25. I went to Azusa Pacific University and majored in education. I taught in California 5 years before moving to Mexico.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 6, 2012

Here are some of our last creative endeavors. The wreath is from November, when we learned about Thanksgiving, how it is celebrated and some of the history. Everyone made a leaf with two or three things they are thankful for. All classes participated in this activity.
The next picture is our garden of flowers. Each year the students of 2nd level draw flowers and they are scanned and shown in a Power Point where we learn how to use comparitive and superlative. Then we chose the best, using a list of both new and familiar adjectives. Here are some adjectives we used: Beautiful, Creative, Tiny, Interesting, Realistic, Artistic, Simple, Modern, Abstract, Colorful, Good, Cute, Tall, Large, Bright, Detailed, Unusual, Amazing, Selicate, Inspired, Original, Unique, Whimsical, Funny.
  How would you describe them?

In our INTRODUCTION class we are learning the parts to the body. They have drawn some interesting monster/aliens and described them. This year they were exceptionally creative so I thought I'd share some of them here with everyone.

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